Company presentation in English

In Situ Instrument AB is a Swedish company, located in Ockelbo, a small community in Eastern Central Sweden surrounded by forests, lakes and beautiful countryside.

For over 30 years we have been working with measuring techniques in meteorology, hydrology, plant physiology and geology.

In Situ has successfully delivered more than 300 wind-measurement systems, both in Sweden and other countries. Our measurement systems are individually designed to suit the specific needs of each customer and product development is an important part of our mission.

Our history

In Situ was founded in 1982 by Bengt Norén, who has been dedicated to meteorological and hydrological measurement since 1975. He worked first as an engineer with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and since 1982 in his own company In Situ Instrument AB.

In 2010 the company was acquired by Björn and Margaretha Östberg who have many years of experience in both technology-intensive product development and production as well as in business development. Bengt Norén still works with the company, though, now focusing on development and training issues.

Our business idea

In Situ Instrument develops, designs and delivers systems for accurate environmental measurements in soil, water and air that give the basis each customer needs to make high-quality decisions. Our products and solutions are based on world-leading technology and have been developed in close collaboration with customers, suppliers and research institutions.

Our values

Trust and responsibility   

Our staff will always act honestly and responsibly, whatever the situation, both within and outside the company.  We use our specialist knowledge, creativity and innovative power to strengthen the trust of our customers, suppliers and partners.

Customer satisfaction    

We involve our customers in our work on product enhancement and are continually responsive to our customers’ needs, striving to improve our business relationships.

Continuous improvement  

All our staff work actively to improve our services, thereby maintaining long-term relationships with our customers. Every new product requires staff commitment and training as well as stringent quality control procedures.

Some of our projects

• In close collaboration with research teams, we have delivered customized measurement systems for a wide range of purposes, including everything from measuring the flow of greenhouse gases in Greenlandic peat to the measurement of turbidity in rivers in Costa Rica.

• We have been involved in most, if not all, major projects in Sweden that have worked on greenhouse gases during the last fifteen years. We have supplied equipment for measuring greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to countries including Iceland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Russia and Germany. We also work with greenhouse gas measurements under water on behalf of University of Uppsala.

• For Vattenfall AB, we have built and installed a number of hydrological stations in the remote north of Sweden at Sarek and Padjelanta. We have also constructed and installed measurement systems for geotechnical dam safety supervision in some of the company’s major hydropower dams in northern Sweden.

• Together with Geosigma in Uppsala, we have delivered the measuring equipment used in the rock quality measurements that SKB (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company) performed at Forsmark and Oskarshamn, as a basis for decisions on Swedish nuclear waste disposal.

• Together with NeoEnergy Sweden AB, we have developed a thermal response system that measures the potential energy output of geothermal heat-pump boreholes.

• Sixty Swedish sawmills and pulp mills are currently using the climate-controlled irrigation system that we have developed, again in collaboration with scientists at SLU. Some installations are also in our neighboring countries, the Baltics and Russia.

• In recent years we have delivered more than 300 measurement systems for wind power meteorology to various actors in the Swedish market.

• We have designed, built and installed the Swedish part of ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System). ICOS is a new infrastructure for research on greenhouse gases. 17 European nations are currently participating in this project, with the University of Lund as lead, to create a network of standardized research stations all over Sweden.

The fact that we traditionally work closely with scientists and that we have employees with technical expertise in mechanics, electronics, computer programming, micro-meteorology, hydrology and general biosphere physics, means that we have been able to remain at the forefront of knowledge in our business areas.

Many of our installations have been carried out in northern Sweden where severe climatic conditions have given us valuable experience regarding masts, measurement and power supply systems.

Our staff

In Situ currently has 20 employees. We are expanding rapidly, however and during the last two years we have increased our staff by 14 new, highly-qualified co-workers.


Our quality system

As our customers make exceptional demands on reliability and performance, we work only with the very best components and suppliers, often in an international market, when we design and build our products and systems.

When customer specifications can’t be met by current market products, we also develop our own devices and instruments. These include our own digital data logger, various reliable power supply systems etc.

We invest time and money to continually ensure that our co-workers’ competence remains at the absolute forefront of new developments.

Our measurement systems and services do not compete primarily on the basis of price but rather through high performance and excellent reliability.

Working closely with our clients to create clear specifications before design and construction is the only way to fulfil customer expectations.

All design, production, installation and delivery processes follow specially developed quality procedures to verify that current specifications are met.

We have developed comprehensive monitoring and test procedures for both measurement systems and power supply systems. All systems undergo functional tests before delivery into the field and after installation.

Project and system documentation is carried out in close communication with customers.

We have a qualified after-sales function that can offer telephone support, spares and replacements and, if required, practical work in the field.

A period of monitoring is always included in the delivery to ensure an optimum system operation. An extended monitoring service as well as service contracts are available on request.

Our partners

Down the years we have built up a network of top expertise in several areas. Among our partners in the wind energy field are WeatherTech Scandinavia AB and Deutsche Wind Guard (DWG) who help us with analysis and quality assurance of our own measuring systems.

When procuring and erecting masts as well as installing systems, we work together with numerous different partners in the market. All our suppliers have high-quality products and excellent reputations. They have also taken part in training sessions with us, learning how system installations should be performed to ensure optimum quality. 

We also run joint product development projects with selected suppliers as well as with other independent experts and customers. This way of interacting has proven to be very successful for all involved.

Our future

We are confident that our areas of expertise will continue to develop strongly in the future. It is in the interest of every one of us to protect our environment; one important way we can contribute is by developing different forms of renewable energy. We can also improve our knowledge about how we affect the environment as a whole and what we can do to reduce negative impact.

We welcome new challenges from customers both existing and new!

Contact information
Phone: +46(0)297-402 77
Address: Herrgårdsvägen 2, 816 30 Ockelbo, Sweden

CEO, Björn Östberg
Phone: +46(0)297-402 85