Working in harsh environments

Publicerad 9/12, 2014

In Situ was asked by Fred. Olsen Renewables in summer 2013 to install wind power meteorology masts on a handful of sites along the Norwegian coast line. The weather conditions and site locations made it clear that this would become one of our most challenging projects to date.

With sites high in the mountain regions, some of which were close to the seas, any structure we installed would have to withstand severe ice buildup. Hurricane wind speeds were to be expected and temperatures reaching -20°C and below during winter time.

To ease the load on the reinforced masts we developed a heating system for booms and sensor mounts, and used new power cables that would increase efficiency and reduce losses. The heated sensor mounts also meant we had closer conformity with the IEC norm during the winter.

Even though we took every precaution when designing, building, testing, and installing the measurement systems, we still needed to be ready to handle any incidents that could arise during the campaign. By keeping close contact with Natural Power, which conducts analysis and quality control of measurement data for Fred Olsen Renewables, we have had multiple people looking at the measurement and power systems’ performance to identify potential problems.

Standby service technicians for on-site work were provided by Lyse Infra, Sønnico and Bindal Kraftlag. All service partners were able to have service personnel quickly and efficiently on the sites to prevent and correct problems.

It is undoubtedly because of our good cooperation with the already above mentioned partners, but also partners like Vaisala, Campbell Scientific, ZephIR, MTUH, SwedMotor and Que Dee that we today can download qualitative data from all sites even when nature puts us to the test.

“We are very pleased with In Situ’s management of the measurement campaign. Installation, running operation, and outage handling have all been to our satisfaction. We are looking forward to continue working with In Situ”, says Pål Gjesdal, Development Manager at Fred. Olsen Renewables.

“We have been working as a supplier for In Situ on the Gilja site since the autumn of 2013. It has been a good experience for us and it has been a pleasure working with In Situ. We are a large energy company and it is important for us that we work with customers that are serious. I can say that we hope that we will have many more projects with In Situ in the future”, says Leif Olav Lynghamar team Leader at Lyse Infra.